Maintenance Tuesday – housekeeping time

tuesday is actually a day i look forward to, esp if there is regular server maintenance. then i have to do something else with my time. sure, i could play other games, but i figured this tuesday i had better do something about the mountain of stuff in my bedroom. it had been accumulating slowly but surely, cos i take things out of cupboard and then got too lazy to put it back – dvds, books, comics, magazines, snacks, newspapers. so i did some housekeeping. chucked out the old stuff, stuffed some of the things back into cupboards and in general tidied up the room. now it is just half a mountain of stuff. another couple more of maintenance tuesdays should do it.

and i even had time to watch a bit of korean drama – Glass Castle/City of Glass. the lead actress looks a bit like the young Michelle Pfieffer. story is about the families of 2 lovers who got married in spite of the diff in family background. guy is from rich and prominent society family, girl is from poor family. so a bit of cinderella, as well as the not so happy ever after bits. good show a lot of drama and also learn a bit of class/etiquette stuff and also family politics skills.

btw, patch 333 still not out yet. but the downloading of parts has begun.