rez sickness

resurrection sickness

i want to talk about this, because i think some ppl may have too much fear of using it, or at the other extreme, use it frequently and indiscrimately.

basically, what i want to say is, dont be afraid to use it. the 10 min debuff is not that great a penalty in most cases. you can always sit in a town or city, and do your professions or check out the AH (major city) or just participate in guild/trade chat. or just explore (however, beware that your debuff puts you at risk if you aggro. so it’s better if you do your exploration from air – after L60). or hey, just leave the game on and do something IRL for 10 minutes!

as a general guideline

  • when in a group, rez sickness should be used only when you are not required to participate during the 10 minutes of debuff you get when you take it, or when your participation is not critical (ie dps). otherwise, run back to your corpse, or ask for a rez if there is a rezzer near your corpse.
  • you died from fatigue – even running back to your corpse wont save you from a 2nd fatigue death.
  • cant get back to your corpse because you are exploring a new zone and you’ve tried a couple of times to run back but have no idea how to get to your corpse.


  • ppl who enter LFG instance via instant port and have no idea how to run from gy back to instance when they die. so they leave group and take rez sickness. learn to play! go explore the world of warcraft (pun intended)!
  • ppl in party who just take rez sickness and then expect the rest to wait for them to clear the debuff. or worse, continue with the instance/raid and fail to carry their own weight, leading to unnecessary deaths or wipes.
  • ppl who just do it cos it is just so easy, and for the 10 min debuff, they just get to do something else. that is a bad habit. so learn to run back to your corpse, cos that is what ppl do when they are grouped in raid/party.

horror story – classic wow

one of the worst examples i came across in classic wow was when you got a party to maradon. it is a 5-man party instance in desolace, which is already a pretty god-forsaken place. in those days, no instant port via LFG. you gotta spam in LFG channel in a main city to be able to attract like-minded individuals from your server.

“LFG mara princess need tank and 1 dps. can summon” – that meant you already have a healer and 2 dps joined up in party and out of the 3, 2 are at the summoning stone outside the mara instance. the 3rd person is of course, in a main city doing the LFG channel spamming.

once the party formed up, and all got summoned, you’d run into the tunnels of mara, and clear the trash mobs leading up to the instance entrance. now, there are 3 of them actually. orange, purple, and princess were the commonly used terms then.

so when you die, cos those days it was easy to die (no BoA gear, very few blues. virtually no epics), you would need to run back from the gy if the rezzer had died too. at the very least, the rezzer would need to run back. as well as anyone who died out of range of rezzing.

ppl would run around, no idea where the entrance of the mara tunnels are, and even when they found it, have no idea where the instance entrance is. or else ran into the wrong instance and now need ppl to come and escort them over to the correct instance. cos the trash mobs cannot be soloed – you would have to be able to stealth through if you want to get back to the correct instance. after maybe 10 minutes of being lost, they give up, and leave party, and take rez sickness.

the rest of the party is now left with the requirement to all group up at the instance start, and clear out to the summoning stone, while someone hearths back to a main city to restart the LFG channel spamming again.

now, arent you glad those good old days are gone?

going places with greeni

yup, my gnomie priest has been to all lowbie dungeons via LFG, up to mara part 1 and rfk.

for mara, there is no achievement until you kill the end boss (piggy princess), so part 1 is just that. you get your goody bag and call it a day.

unfortunately, no chance to be dps. always queue as both heals and dps but always get heals. it seems the ratio now is seriously unbalanced. heals are rarest, followed by tanks and then dps. when i queue as tank on stormfrost or incorrigible (cant heal now. all his healing gear passed to greeni). i have to wait too.

i guess if i wasnt BoA geared, i wont want to heal either. too easy to run out of mana these days. every so often, i have to stop and drink a whole bottle of whatever is my best mana drink for my level. if i wanna dps AND heal, i’d have to stop and drink after every mob fight. and that would slow down the whole group. so i give up and just heal, dot (SWP) and wand, and just keep running. cos the tanks are now practically top dps. i guess we wont see the CC stuff until we hit cat dungeons.

although there was a bit of cc in a few boss dungeon designs. ok. 1 so far, that i can see. it was when i was tanking in dire maul part 2 on incorrigible. the end boss immol’thar summons 2 ogre adds and a beast (doggy?).  when we failed to cc, the ogres tore the party apart. once we cc the 2 adds, we could down the boss and then his adds easily.

anyway, back to greeni. i guess im gonna have to put her in cold storage soon, as i will be getting cat in a couple of days. zappel and spiritcat and moodykat and timeforfun will be my focus come cat. in the meanwhile, i have given up on her completing the quests in STV. so she will probably level via dungeons for a while. since she is highly in demand as a healer. haha.