recent LFG horror stories

1. the player that couldnt make the jump across the stepping stones at the start of BFD. he left the instance after trying a few times.

2. the L84 MM hunter who does 2.6k dps in stonecore. then blames the tank for wiping at the 3rd boss. cos he stood and tanked in place instead of avoiding the stuns. since it wasnt a H run, that is the normal strat – there is no need to avoid, just heal thru. heals just couldnt keep the tank up. so the tank left. i guess a better tank came in, or the healer did a better job. so we finally cleared that boss.

3. the healer who levelled after the 2nd boss fight, and then left the Vortex instance. there is no commitment, nothing. no sense of responsibility and accountability. players gone bad.

4. the tanks who think they can just charge and aoe down mobs without cc. well, it dont work so well for mobs with healers. or those that mark, but dont follow thru, and end up breaking the cc.

5. players who ask the party to kill extra mobs for their personal skinning needs. WTF????

since i am used to LFG (having done an incredible no. of H runs on Zappel), this sort of behaviour i just laugh off. but really, ppl should have more integrity.

tank got vote kicked

yup, it finally happened to me, tanking as opheilia in GD. i asked group to choose between me or the huntard that pulled mobs. the group chose the huntard and kicked me out of the group.  next sec, i queued and got into a new GD group and we cleared it superfast.

in another LFG, something weird happened. pickwick (L79 lock) found a HoL group with a 5k GS hunter (probably doing it for relax since he is ICC MM spec) and thought it would be a piece of cake run. sure enough, at the start, he was already doing 4k dps. but the healer started to act oddly and the tank died twice. after that, the healer left. maybe it was a small kid playing his dad’s account and couldnt hack it.

so we thought, no biggie, lets get another healer and finish it. but damn, 10 min wait and nothing. so i told the group i’d relog my healer and queue. so the funny thing is, when i tried with fruit (L78), i didnt get the group. so i relog with spiritcat (L80) and queue (normal LFG, not H), i got back in the same group! so basically, i helped them complete the instance (healing in shadow priest spec – too lazy to switch spec for reg LFG run) and got myself 2 EoTs. but poor pickwick will have to wait another day for his daily EoTs.