patch and restart = pain

with the new LFG, bliz needs to revamp their server restart procedure. last night, tried to run 2 LFG with different results.

1st LFG with Pyroblast, after 1st boss of UB, 3 party members got the server restart 15-min warning msg. i was one of them. we continued to 2nd boss and onwards, thinking when restarted we would still be in the group. WRONG. after my realm restarted, i logged in, all by myself, in the middle of the UB instance. had to re-queue LFG for another run.

2nd LFG with Pyroblast, the party managed to clear to 2nd boss of MT, when heals got the 15-min warning msg ($#%#@$%$#^  Blizzard!). so we think, let’s rush to clear to end boss. so the dps DK decided to pull the mobs, cos the tank was kinda sluggish. it was ok initially, but towards the end boss, he pulled too much. the mana leeches combined with a nexus terror and a normal mob. wipe. dps puller left in a silent puff of smoke. heals got server restart and left. the rest stayed behind and waited for a new heals and dps to join up and complete the instance.

finally, a patch bug. logging in to different toons, i was surprised to find that the action bar icons were not refreshed for my rogue. i had hunter icons instead of rogue icons! i did a /reloadui to get my proper icons back. weird.