depressed about vash

ok i havent even see the new lands yet, but already, reading up about vash has turned me so off.

yup. you guessed it. 3d swimming is about the worst ever concept. i think wow has finally got rocks in their head and is trying to be everything to everybody. and end up being just second rate. next we will have flying battles – because everything is now in 3d. oh wait. we already got that in wrath.

actually, swim battles have always existed in wow, but just in very very small dosages. BFD is the famous one. and is still very much alive, and much more accessible now with dungeon map and instant port via LFG. and most importantly, a graveyard just outside the instance. if you still get lost, you are capital fail.

flying battles came a little later. they didnt have the technology back then. we havent tamed the dragons yet. the first flying battle came out in wrath. so we fight by controlling dragons. still, most of it was avoidable. in fact, so avoidable that in LFG, if ppl found out it was oculus, they would drop group so fast you couldnt even say hi.

and if it was malygos, eye of eternity raid, that was an even rarer event. if u werent in a guild your chances of seeing this raid was close to zero. nobody wanted to group up and fail at the flying stage which was also the hardest stage cos ppl just didnt know how to fly AND fight.


you can see why i am so depressed about having to go level 24 L80 toons in vash. i’d literally be swimming the entire zone for eons to come. and if it wasnt bad enuf, it is phased. which means if u wanna find a party, ferget it. if ppl have gone past your phase, tough luck.

anyway, im sure both horde and alliance will wanna visit vash just for the experience of seeing an underwater world. but not 24 times.

what is wrong with players and oculus?

yet another fail at oculus run last night.

queued as dps for pyroblast, waited a long time, and then we popped into oculus. the tank seemed ok, we cleared the 1st boss. then he inexplicably left group. after that, another tank popped in, took 1 look and popped out again. finally, we got a tank, that dced as soon as he popped in, and promptly dced again the sec he came back on line.

after that the healer left, and i followed. it was late, i called it a night.

Oculus – a short guide to the instance

this is the H guide but is practically similar to regular. i am writing it cos i realised on some battlegroups, there are still players new to the instance. last night, i ran a regular LFG with a new tank and healer to the instance. and a couple of nights ago, there was a new player to Oculus too.


once in, its a linear path of mobs to clear. then port into 1st boss fight. tank and spank. dps have to keep running away from boss after his magic pulls but even if u dont the healer can probably keep u all up.


once boss is down, 3 npcs appear. for a default run (no achievement), tank takes red/ruby drake, heals is green/emerald and dps is brown/bronze.

initially, all three types of  drakes only have some of their attack powers. for end boss fight they have their full set.

fly up and towards the split in a ring (cant miss it, if not sure, dont fly first, just look up and look for the split). default, most ppl do the dungeon clockwise so land on the left of the split circle.

once all dismounted, can start to clear the 4 mobs on the ring, clockwise (common sense, since u landed left of the split). sometimes the other players fly all over the place. then u know they are newbies. or worse, they pick the wrong drake for their dungeon role (unless they doing achievement, which i advise, for LFG, not worth the corpse run and repair bill of epic gear).

tip: a lot of players will mount up (either drake or usual mount) after the 2nd mob and run faster to the 3rd mob which is some distance away.

at the 4th mob, there is an island is off the ring. fly on your drake to the island. kill any enemy drakes along the way. ppl dont always fly the safest route and will aggro the pats so dont dismount too quickly, esp if u are dps.

tip: bronze drakes have the best dps. u can help take out the pats but if u are in combat and dismounted, you cannot mount your drake.

kill the mob on the island, fly back to ring (i like to call that the circle line) and continue clockwise to the next island off the ring. the islands are in the 2, 6 and 10 o’clock positions) rinse and repeat.

2nd boss is on the 3rd/last island. he calls a drake to help him. avoid the lightning cloud that moves around the island and oso the laser beam from his drake and it’s basically a tank and spank job.


mount up on drake and fly up (clockwise) to 1st of broken ring segment. there is a broken ring made up of 3 segments. each segment has a mob which appears once tank aggros the boss who ports to the next segment. once all 3 segments are cleared, boss ports to circle in the middle (a little lower than the broken ring)

2 directions to fight. i like to fight, starting by being on the right of the boss. however, it means everyone has to run anticlockwise (which is different from all that we have done so far – clockwise). why need to run? boss will ice the ground he is on, and that will damage anyone on the ice. so once tank is on the boss, he has to keep pulling boss off the ice. since we landed on the right, we have to run anticlockwise around the circle. another thing boss does is port to middle and do aoe. when he ports, all run to get behind cover (pillars) otherwise half ur health or more is gone. that plus ice = dead. so run from ice, hide from aoe, and it is basically tank and spank job.


drake fight. ppl who dont know how to fly and fight, die. but its not hard. even 1st timers can complete this fight successfully and easily.

1st, where to assemble. there are 3 small islands above. and the boss flies within the 3 islands in a circular path (anticlockwise). assemble at the South island (there is a chest on the island. the other 2 dont have chest) chest is impt – it contains the boss loot, and in H, a goodies bag for each player to dismount and loot.

tip: clear any enemies the party has aggroed b4 starting boss fight. sometimes u aggro them but cannot see them (known bug) in which case, sometimes u have to wipe party to clear the bug. else u have to heal thru the extra dmg u are getting. and no one can dismount. once dismount cannot mount again cos u are in combat. always start boss fight with all drakes at max health. less strain on heals.

drake roles

red/ruby is tank: threat and evade. so dps boss and any adds that the group aggroes. uses his evasion power whenever it is on cooldown.

brown/bronze is dps: damage and crowd control. whenever boss enrages, one (not all) bronze should timestop and freeze boss in place. so they need to coordinate among the 3 of them who does the 1st, 2nd timestop and so on. usually 2 timestop needed only. 3 means fail dps. in general, 1 dps channels and the other 2 lances. however, if no coordination, can still generate a lot of dmg and kill boss within 2 timestops.

dps strat tip: usually the one doing the timestop channels. but that is if the plan is to use all 3 timestops over a minute. (cos timestop cooldown is 1 minute). 1st starts timestop and channels for 20 sec. then 2nd timestop and so forth.

green/emerald is heals: dot boss to leech life from boss to self, channel own life to other drakes to heal them. so if heals only heal but never dot boss, he will eventually drain his own life to zero and die. so most heals dot boss 3 times, then start to channel to heal the other drakes. rinse and repeat. keep the dots on the boss up!

starting the fight. all mount on drakes, fly up a bit, close in a bit, and when boss flies closest to the South island, tank begins the fight.

boss has 2 fancy moves. enrage when he hits really hard, and astral plane when he goes immune and sends his minions after the party. timestop his enrage, and fly away when he goes immune. since all at S island, fly away means fly southwards beyond the island and then fly back to original fight position. tank has to go pick up any boss adds.

boss is either downed or u wipe cos healer cannot keep all the drakes up. that will happen if someone’s drake is too far from the group, or tank never protect group from adds, or no timestop when boss enrage.

— the end —-

there, not so hard, izzit? other than the end boss fight, the rest is really a piece of cake. and if u got a good group who understand the basics of the end boss fight. even if new to the dungeon, no problem.


Oculus is the instance just above Nexus. so run towards Nexus, but instead of down the ramp into it, turn left and run along the inside of the complex and then cross the bridge to the portal in the middle. there is a ramp up but that is for Eye of Eternity (raid) instance.

u can mount up and ride to the portal which brings you to the 3 npcs with the drakes. talk to your role’s npc and get the drake. then fly outwards and then upwards (that avoids all flying mobs) to where your party is.

LFG – H Oculus is a walk in the park (with dragonkin)

even so, there was a O-virgin healer who on popping into the instance, immediately took himself off. so the group 4-manned the adds. tank was a pally so he could self heal up as we cleared the starting zone. fortunately, the 2nd healer that joined the group wasnt a chicken, and we went on to clear the dungeon. no drake dropped, but i love that Bag of Gems. if i could get LFG H Oculus every time, i would go!

strangely, on the LFG H runs i had today, the healers were inconsistent. there was a H CoS run that the healer DCed just in the middle of the run to the end boss. lucky the tank was again a pally. we had to clear the adds minus a healer and thus couldnt do the time run for drake, not that any of them would have needed the bronze drake. they all have GS scores of approx 5k. xense was the only 4ker, and on her first H CoS run already got the drake. the replacement healer had to do a very long run in to join up with the party. good thing i was on my hunter, so i could use Aspect of the Pack to help her run just that bit faster. and the sec the end boss was down, she didnt even bother to wait for loot and just took her emblems and left!