more adventures with the guild

firetree being a bit more active than jubeithos recently, although i just got kingslayer on xbow and zappel with the jubei guild.

classic dungeons with Vertu

sunken temple

first, me and vertu went to do classic dungeons. i dragged along fruit to make it a guild achievement run. ported to blasted lands, then flew into ST. headed straight for the end boss, only to find the dragon sleeping and refused to wake up. so we had to go kill jam the prophet first. he didnt have time to MC. fruit didnt need to go bear form either to tank the end dragon. he dropped superfast.

then vertu used his brewfest remote and ported us to BRD bar.

blackrock depths

we didnt have to kill phalanx cos vertu once upon a time did the quest for love potion so she would just open the door for us. nevertheless, cant just pop into end boss (emp room) so we had to clear some mobs and bosses along the way. the 7-dwarf room, then the hunt for 2 flame keepers. that was fun cos we didnt aggro any of the mobs, just kill and light altar and continue. then just aggro boss and kill him, and it’s over. then we had to run back the same way we came – to the portal, just outside the bar, then port to entrance and run out of the instance.

then it is a run up the chains and drop into BRS

blackrock spire (lower and upper)

we did lower first, and basically cleared mobs that were in our way. it was a pretty long run to the end boss cos there was a shortcut to drop onto the boss but i didnt know how. anyway, along the way i picked up the spider pet for everstone

then we dropped from the end boss to near the starting point, and ran upper. didnt do the “leeroy” achievement cos no mage. anyway vertu already got it and i dont care for it. again, killed stuff we needed to cos they were in the way, but i specifically went to kill for the worg pet. then end boss and we hearthed.

done for the day.

the next day, we did H Wrath dungeons with Samin

we decided to clear L to R, but i forgot ICC.

so i ported everstone to dalaran and then flew to coldarra to summon samin and spiritcat. vertu used his engr portal device to meet me at the nexus summoning stone.

H nexus

have to kill all bosses for end boss to activate. so we did that

samin was half tanking cos he had his RF on. who cares? whatever it takes to make it faster.

run out and fly up to H Occulus

H Occulus

vertu was skeptical if the end boss fight was possible, since we would have to 3-drake it out, but i said let’s try it since the dungeon has been nerfed so many times.

the first part, i thot can just run thru the mobs and then port into next zone. cant. so we killed them all at the end of the path.

cant avoid any of the bosses, so just tank and spanked them all.

drake boss fight was simple. and no one died. but no mount looted either. oh well, that was always a rare chance anyway, like the rivendare mount.

after that, run out and fly everstone to dragonblight for AN and OK.


again, kill all bosses. but we used vertu to FD to glitch boss so we can kill the spider boss faster. everstone got achievement for that. lol.

after kill end boss, path opens for us to run out and then into OK


skip bosses 1 and 3, and optional boss. then we went on to VH.


i hearthed both everstone and spiritcat, then use mage to port them to dalaran

VH is just kill kill kill and then achievement done.


time’s up. leaving the rest for another day.

The guild earned the achievement Heroic: The Violet Hold Guild Run for 10 points.

16 hours ago

The guild earned the achievement Heroic: Ahn’kahet: The Old Kingdom Guild Run for 10 points.

17 hours ago

The guild earned the achievement Heroic: Azjol-Nerub Guild Run for 10 points.

17 hours ago

The guild earned the achievement Heroic: The Oculus Guild Run for 10 points.

17 hours ago

The guild earned the achievement Heroic: The Nexus Guild Run for 10 points.

18 hours ago

things get murky around L74 onwards

starting northrend

the starting path in northrend is clear: do a bit of HF and run UK, pop over to BT and do all the coldarra quests so that when you run Nexus, you can finish up all the chain quests. then its back to HF for the ka’luak quests in kamagua and scalawag point. and you’d be around L72/73. what next?

continuing northrend

if you followed on from kamagua, you’d be in moa’ki harbor (dragonblight). and now you have a whole set of options. you can pop over to star’s rest. or take a bird to wintergarde keep, or fly over to wyrmrest temple (do the quests there for wyrmrest rep). you can even fly into grizzly hills (amberpine lodge) and work on quests there.

for me, if i have a gatherer toon, i’d queue LFG and farm mats (they level your gathering skill as well as give xp). if not, i prefer to either tank or heal in a dungeon. but if i am playing a non-gatherer dps toon, then i would prefer to do rep related questing. so it would be wyrmrest temple for me.

using dalaran as base

at the same time, i would start to base all my toons in dalaran. even when there are no more portals to azeroth main cities. that’s not an issue, since i have a mage (Zappel and Rhoanin) on either account to port everyone back if they need to go back for class training.

why dalaran?

there are simple quests for cooking and fishing which give xp and awards. while i detest fishing and only have 1 toon specialise in it, i do cooking for all toons. dalaran is where the cooking quest npc is.

besides, dalaran is now closer to a lot of quest zones.

LFG instances

AN – Anzul-Nerub, in the Pit of Narjun

OK – Old Kingdom, same pit, slightly higher level instance than AN

VH – Violet Hold, in Dalaran

what next?

once they get to L75, they will all take the Violet Hold (VH) quest and key  in dalaran. and try and queue for it via LFG. in addition, they will most likely start to farm in Sholazar Basin (SB). as for questing, it will most likely be in Zul’drak (ZD) since there are some quests for the instance Gun’Drak (GD) there.

around L76/77, it will be time to visit Storm Peaks, and do the Sons of Hodir rep chain for shoulder enchants.

update 5th May 2010:

Persi is now L75 so i checked out the Violet Hold quest giver. the quest and key are gone. times, they are a changin’.

i was also surprised when flask of mojo and flask of big mojo are now grey/useless items (as of patch 4.1). some other stuff were also made redundant. and additional recipes for cooking can now be bought from the cooking trainer, instead of having to find the recipe vendor in god-knows-where-land.

moodykat hit L80

got to 80 but cannot tank yet. not enuf stamina.

i respecced her frost.


opheilia made the epic tanking helm and boots, she got a epic dps ring and a blue L200 tanking necklace. with 60 EoTs saved up she got the epic tanking chest. but that’s about it. 2 blue L78 swords. some of her gear below iL187 so when she went for her 1st H instance, the GS 5k DK tanked instead.

the instance run was a bit weird. wiped once when one of the dps ran and aggro additional mob. he was vote kicked. running back in, with a new hunter, he auto run into mob and since i was next to him, we died. lucky no one else was near and when the healer got back he rezzed us. after that, the hunter died again when at the 3 monsters b4 end boss. he complain he didnt get heals, but i said, range shouldnt even get any dmg in the first place. they can see the missile flying towards them and run away!

gonna make her some more gear. Disowned gemmed for her, but he will also make a tanking ring. Everstone will make the Belt of the Titans for her too. so maybe things will be better tonight.

a perfect day

i love it when everything goes well. last night was such a pleasant time.

i took ellonis saronite farming in SB (got her cold weather flying a couple of days ago) so i put her in LFG dps queue instead of tanking, which would be instant and she wont be able to level her mining skill. as she was flying over SB, i kinda heartpain when i saw 2 tit veins and nothing i could do about it. i managed to get her almost to max mining skill, then LFG popped up for an ok run thru OK (haha bad pun).  not good but just ok. cos the tank died in a simple mob fight (L73 pally but higher dmg than Ellonis at L75) and we wiped. but after that, no more deaths so that was ok. the tank was acting a bit weird, pulling stuff that ppl usually skip, and skipping what we usually pull (ok, that’s just once, he overshot the 1st boss. haha), i was in tanking gear for the 2nd half of the run. just in case. even though the heals was L78 pally. as long as i was in blood presence, it was ok.

even better was running Timeforfun thru UP. got 2 quests done, and xp almost hitting L80. i think i will hit L80 for him this weekend together with Gorlog. then start to worry about gear…. the dungeon was a piece of cake, although some ppl died along the way, through their eagerness to take dmg over the tank, who was top dmg. in fact, he carried the whole group. can tell when dps is bad, the 2 animals just b4 the 2nd boss fight actually got time to enrage!

took Cavelion thru an instance too, just for fun. he healed VH with a pro group but as usual, some overeager dps (ie never let tank grab loose mob first). but no one died cos cavelion is disc. disc really has some advantages over holy in quick saves.

while i was at it, i ran Darksunder thru DTK. cos he got the LFG real quick, he didnt have time to get water, so i had to port out to Dalaran for water, then back in. but after that, it was a piece of cake. so quick, i sometimes forgot to drop either the heroism for the boss fights or the fire/earth elemental.  and had to skip on skinning. *sad*

in that same mood, i ran LFG for moodykat (GD) and naturespower (HoL), before i called it a night. all the groups were nice and efficient. ok. make that SUPER efficient for naturespower’s group. the shaman was 6k GS and doing 6k dps. we killed the end boss loken so fast, there was no time for him to cast lightning nova.

watching kdrama severely impacts my playtime

ah, the joy of opportunity costs. since i paid for both the kdrama and gametime on wow, if i watch the drama, i lose playtime on wow. as both are such fun things to do, i dont regret one for the other. but ultimately, it does mean i spend less time on wow. and ignoring the levelling of some alts.

but i guess if we play less, we enjoy what we play more too. so when i took dethnyte tanking in VH, and had a great group, it was fun.

playing cavelion was even more fun. the OK LFG group had a L80 5k GS DK tanking in dps gear. he said the prev heals left. couldnt hack it.  and was a resto druid too. lol. i told him, no problem with disc priest. sure enough. it was a breeze of a run. popping shield and renew and once in a while a penance was enough. had to work a bit harder when he chose to pull 2 large mobs as we headed for the end boss. 2 greater heals in addition to the usual stuff i throw out.

finally, a tough ICC H run thru PoS for missmisty. we wiped twice cos the healer was a bit slow to the heal on the tank. once tank down, the group will wipe in most cases, and this was not an exception. but other than those 2 wipe situations, the rest was biz as usual. the 2nd wipe probably caused a bug leading to the end boss fight, so we wiped again. cos the adds kept on respawning and we couldnt fight both boss and the tunnel adds.

once we wiped, the end boss fight was properly reset and we downed the boss easily. no thanks to me, i was 3rd on damage meters but close enough to 2nd dps.

LFG fail group

this must be the most awesome fail group i ever ran in LFG. i just got kiseki to L75 so wanna run an instance for fun. queue, waited the usual dps queue time, then pop, into OK.

immediately, either the tank or heals left, and we queued for another. didnt take long, we got moving. whatever the case, we somehow got to the 1st boss, cleared it, then the tank left the party.

while waiting for another, the hunter went to aggro a mob in front with the heals. just great. when we dont have a tank. lucky i was on kiseki, so my FG tanked and a new tank popped in midfight so we managed to take down the adds mob. after that i kicked the hunter cos he was basically acting weird.

just when we thought things were going to settle down to routine, the heals and another dps ended up aggroing another bunch of adds (behind the 1st boss, which is weird, we should not aggro mobs that we didnt clear) again, my FG helped to save the day. but i was thinking how much worse can this group and run get?

much worse. we cleared midway to 2nd boss. just before the 1st circle (frostbringers and eyes), the healer left. another took his place. but in cat form? the tank and i tried to talk to the healer. resto druid talents but not communicating. he switched to nelf form. so i thought maybe he will do his job that way. wrong. he didnt heal and the whole party wiped.

we ran back and tried to kick him. guess what? we exceeded the no. of kicks we can do for this instance. so now how? a useless healer. the party would have to disband. fortunately there was toon who is from my realm, so i relogged timeforfun to help the group heal.

but first, we got the dps hunter to MD mob to the weirdo druid ‘healer’ and watched him die with great satisfaction. however, after 2 MCs, the tank and the hunter ran short of time and left party. so the party finally broke up

i felt bad for the toon on my realm, so i joined up with him to queue LFG. this time round, OK too, we cleared to the end.

i have put /ignore blkice-lightbringer for that L74 weirdo resto druid.

he will never party with me ever again.

followed my own advice and then some…

yup. based on my previous post, last night i did just that.

then since i had some more time, i took a few of my dps toons on LFG runs. somehow, i am kinda bored of tanking and healing. although i did run Timeforfun thru Gundrak cos i want him to catch up to Gorlog L79. he already has 62 EoTs haha. slow and steady, 1 LFG a day to acquire tons of emblems b4 turning L80. likewise, i slowed Gorlog levelling – he dont even run LFGs. only the daily JC quest. so how does he get all the gems he needs? for that, i send my engr/mining toon, Muzzleshot. he goes to SB, farms clouds and veins while waiting for a shot at his LFG of the day. once he gets his LFG, gets his emblems, he is out. mails the ore and gems to Gorlog for prospecting. sends the eternals to Timeforfun for transmuting.

im still trying to get Mib to level 75. cos he is the locksmith of the blackwater  toons. after L75 i may slow it down, since i probably wont get too many max level locksmithing boxes, as i dont raid on blackwater.

Mib went on an interesting OK LFG run. for the first time in a long time, he joined a group of mostly 1st timers to the dungeon. only 1 other dps knows the instance. wow. but since it takes a long time to get a LFG group for dps, i didnt complain. i only realised i had to give some instructions when i died during the 1st boss fight. only the tank was left alive at the end of the fight. even with my instructions, perhaps too brief, we wiped on the 3rd boss. cos someone stayed outside the boss fight zone (semicircle) shortly after that, the tank left cos he already said he had to go b4 we even did the 3rd boss. the rest waited for a new tank, who while not new, had forgotten how to tank OK. so this time round, i gave clear briefing for the 3rd boss, the 3 adds to 4th boss and 4th boss fight, and we did ok in OK.

Magel oso went on a OK run but it was H version. it was a pro group so her dps was 3rd. but i got her enough spellpower now so during 4th boss, she could aoe them down quick and then help aoe for the others, during insanity.

Missmisty did a H AN run with a noob tank. 3.5k GS or less. 1st mistake, charged 1st mob of the 1st boss fight. that aggroed the 2nd mob and we wiped cos he couldnt hold aggro. 2nd boss, he again aggroed multiple mobs but cannot hold them. we did retrograde action and ran out of the instance as the boss came for us! we ended up killing the boss just inside the start of the dungeon! that was a 1st for me, and considering i have ran so many ANs, its pretty far out. the rest were easy and we completed the run.

after that, i watched a very sad love story movie: eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. im just glad ppl cant really do that IRL, except for the certified mad or the forever dead. gosh i have gone on a sort of jim carrey roll as i had watched his 2nd pet detective movie only a few day back.

rankwatch mod revisited

it seems ppl never learn their lessons. dual spec toons are always using downranked spells. there was a druid buffing with Mark of the Wild rank 6 instead of 8 because he only fixed his Gift of the Wild spell on his bar. so if someone in the party died and he buff just that person, it would be the wrong spell rank.

last night, healing with Darksunder, i ran 3 OK instances, 2 were incomplete cos of party mechanics.

  1. in the first one, the tank looked at the damage meter after the first boss, and called it quits cos he was top dps. the hunter who was 2 levels below the rest was farming (skinning spiders) and came in at half the dps of the next lowest dpser. as the tank quit in the midst of a mob, i left the party too and took a 5 min LFG penalty. pity the last one left in the party. he will be killed by the mob (unless it is the spider-skinning hunter)
  2. 2nd run was a bit better, but the tank was lost and the lead of the party was silent. if you are the lead you better give directions when the tank tells you he dont know where to go. he was just pulling all the mobs and killing them. a major waste of time for people who just want to kill for emblems (me). i gave up after the 3rd boss. they wanted to go kill the mobs where Amanitar is. however, this is regular so there is no boss drop. so i left the group there.
  3. final and best run. tank knew where to go, even inspected my gear (haha i still have some enhancement rings and trinkets – havent found an upgrade for them yet or else too lazy to make them) of course, i didnt let anyone die if they didnt do anything stupid. probably one of two of them pulled too much aggro at some point or other, but no wipes.

oh yeah. and Dark dinged 74