closing in on explorer title

alcaz island. it rose out of  the sea one xpac ago.

spiritcat cleared dustwallow marsh and feralas. had a long levitate trip to cross the waters to the alcaz island which is pretty cool. a WoW friend told me it didnt exist in classic and only popped up in BC for some quest chain stuff (he told me the details, it just didnt stay in my brain).

no wonder i didnt seem to recall dustwallow marsh having any significantly large islands in the past! (spiritcat used to pop over to theramore to learn fishing from the trainer who will give u a really dumb quest to do to earn your stripes)

onyxia ignored. again

nowadays, the only reason to pop into theramore is because of onyxia. but even then, raids on her seemed to have stopped – everyone is so ICC and RS. so it is pretty sad. they took all the fun out of the original onyxia, only to have her now stuck in the marshes and no one cares about killing her anymore here too. maybe they will resurrect her in the xpac after cat. haha. this dragon has more lives than a cat!

LFG roll of the dice

very very strange. there are 12 normal dungeons, excluding the one in TOC and 3 in ICC. but it seems i get a lot of ICC runs these days. every day i queue with spiritcat i will get at least 1 ICC run, if not more. so the dice is loaded based on gear.

but i am getting used to it. getting used to not having a speed run but actually having to work for my badges. i am oso used to being last in terms of total dmg in groups. even if my dps is always 2k+

but surprisingly, i prefer ICC (even HOR if the tank and heals are good) to TOC. TOC is easier, but i hate the 1st part which requires you to mount and charge. i just dont see the point these days. cos the opponents are like mush – i just cut thru them.

i see dumb ppl

i think rankwatch will always have business. it’s still sending msg to party members that they are not using the highest ranked spells.

and dumb ppl who still stand in fire/green(poison)/white(ice) stuff and slowly die or actually die.

during a GD run 2nd boss fight, a few ppl were just standing in the purple squares and their health is dropping. but lucky for them the healer was pro.

in an oculus run, ppl were standing still in ice and dropping health, after downing the 3rd boss. must be too busy looking at who is gonna win the dream shard roll.

alts countdown to L80

i said earlier that by around this time, i wont have any more alts to level. well, seems i missed the mark by being a bit lazy… haha.


my ele/resto shammy, darksunder, is L79


my frost dk, shortnacity, is L79

my blood dk, ellonis, is L78

my SV hunter, muzzleshot, is L79

what i did over the weekend

so i probably have around 20 L80s right now. and instead of just levelling my alts to cap, i spent some of my love on my existing and newly minted 80s.

i spent a bit of time getting blacksteath lockpick skills up to cap. now, you dont need to go and find ppl to lockpick in icecrown for boxes. just port back to shattrah and fly to nagrand. those boxes in the killsorrow stronghold are green and will level u at the rate of approx 2 box to 1 level.

i oso got my JCers to trade JC badges for epic gem recipes. so that i can replace the lower gems for some of my 80s with EPIC! of course, both gorlog and disowned have a lot more to learn, so i will continue their daily JC quests until cat.

as a result of using those epic gems, i had to now make my alchemists work on transmuting epic gems in addition to their daily eternals. so its one or the other for timeforfun, opheilia and cavelion.

i had the most fun with getting pyroblast to L80. cos he switched from deep frost to arcane (shortcut to spell hit cap) and was already 3.6k GS (tier set head and shoulders, tailored spellweave chest and hands, ahune cloak, etc.) when he popped into his first H. and he did respectable damage (ie. not bottom).

as for the oldies but goodies, i took timeforfun into onyxia for the  first time last night. and he was the lowest GS but 2nd in dps! as a shadow priest! whoohoo!!!! too bad, no gear drops for him.

makeover of 2 toons: zappel and xense

been getting new gear for both my L80 toons: zappel (raiding) xense (farming and H) and things were getting messy in their inventory. so i took a closer look at their spec/gear/glyphs/gems/enchants/rotation.

i did xense first cos i had done an earlier round of consolidation for zappel. checked out the best hunter specs. and did a bit of minor re-spec. still PVE survival. cleaned out the crappy epics and gemmed and enchanted the stuff left behind. still need to buy head and shoulder enchants (mostly likely WG since not enuf rep with the required factions) and to fit in a prismatic gem on the belt but otherwise its all done for now. rotation no change, still Kill Shot>Explosive Shot (ES)>Black Arrow>Serpent Sting>Steady Shot (SS). Multi and Volley on 3 or more tgts.  finally, got a new L80 wolf from Storm Peaks, and specced for Furious Howl. the one that changes colour when u summon pet.

so, took her for a LFG H run: HoL. turned in quite respectable 3k dps for GS of just past the 4k mark. for these runs, Serpent Sting and SS were hardly used, since the other ppl will make short work of the mobs. only for boss these were put to use some of the time. other shots still take precedence, esp Lock and Load (L&L) procs. for L&L i have decided to just wait and fire off the next ES after the earlier ES on the tgt is left with 1 tick. with lag etc, the shot should not clip and nicely carry on with max dps on tgt. some ppl like to tab to another target to fire off but in case of boss, a short wait is better than putting a SS between ES.

for zappel, i now have 2 piece T9 gear and enough hit rating to remove some other hit rating gear and focus on SP and Haste. so after the inventory cleanup, all my various outfits are similar, the only difference is in trinket and wpn (to vary out the hit rating requirements between arcane and frost spec)

took zappel for a H run: ToC in frost spec. someone in party comment i should be in arcane, but my dps was 2nd and above the tank so who cares? then i took him to guild 25-man Ony, still in frost spec. other guild mage told me its better in arcane but i like to do Ony as frost. my dps would have been better, but i DC as i cast my Blizzard during the first whelping and by the time i got back in the whelps were dead. so major loss of dps there. but subsequently no more DC. so the new PC helped a lot. but i think if i wanna raid, i better have a cleaner interface (remove the non-raid mods). every little bit of tuning helps. towards the end of phase 3, i died (feared into whelps). so my dps suffered there too.

ah, the great outdoors (i.e. raiding)

went on guild + some pug 25-man raids:
ToGC and Onyxia. worst dps ever. no thanks to my fail PC. it froze every time there was major fighting going on. so sometimes, i died without knowing what happened or being able to prevent it. i.e. standing in fire but screen/keyboard freeze.

managed to outlast most of the dps on the 3rd time on ony (and last try… ppl were very tired since we did ToGC earlier) . when there was less ppl active (since most of them were dead) i was able to do stuff like normal – look at boss and move accordingly, aoe, dps… and we took her down.

so 2 major milestones for zappel completed! but i cannot look forward to ICC yet. i still need to run another 25-man raid to see what my real dps is. but before that….


no, seriously. so i am going to shop for one real soon. otherwise, i might as well just say bye to 25-mans.