feeling the pressure to get to level cap now

damn, everyone and their pig-rabbit (i just did a marathon viewing of he’s beautiful, a korean drama, over the weekend) is L85 now.

i need to pick up the pace. i guess i really felt cheated when my L264 epics were replaced by greens in cataclysm. when i think back on the no. of H runs i did to get the full tier set, i could have bought tons of BoA gear instead. at least those have some re-use value. so i deflated and couldnt get myself worked up over cat even when i took 2 weeks holidays to play wow after cat came out. hell, i even detest archaeology! it is the most fucked up secondary profession. even mining and herbing is so much more functional. which idiot came up with the prof like arch? some history prof from the dustiest part of the library?

instead, i found myself enjoying playing lowbies, even toons without BoA gear. new gnomies and worgies. even normal other lowbie toons.

still, i guess my guild on firetree is probably hoping to get enough ppl to run raid soon. so i have to get SC to 85 and start chaining heroics. the jubei guild is probably already doing raids but i cant yet. since zappel is still only L84…. grrr. i guess i better stop watching dramas for a while and focus on getting my mains to where they are supposed to be.