wiping on stonecore normal

seems like every pug i run for stonecore is doomed to wipes. there is just something about pat mobs, sentries and knockbacks that dooms the stratless wonders that queue for dungeon these days.

of course, dont forget those who just aggro mobs by running past them without first looking ahead to avoid said mobs. this is very common esp with ppl dropping group for any and every reason possible. including wipes, naturally.

usually, the first part up to the worm boss, is fine. after that things quickly fall apart in the tunnel of flayers, giants that do knockback, and mobs of irritating small imps. if you get hit by a mob of flayers and a giant, it is easy to wipe cos of the quake damage from the giant. most healers cant cope with that.

the 2nd boss is easy too. dragon with stuff that you need to avoid.

after that,  there are many chances to go wiping on trash mobs. cos they have sentries, if u fail to notice one and aggro they will summon guards and it gets messy esp if you are already engaging a mob. in general, most groups will clear only the mobs on the critical path. so if someone left the party and you got a new member, who is running in, they may aggro stuff cos they just werent looking. and if they are near enough to u, when they aggro and die, you are next on the wipe list since u are oso put in combat.

3rd boss is tank and spank in normal, so it’s not hard.

going to 4th boss, there are 100 small monsters to kill. if your tank cant take the hits from all 100, you wipe. suggest tank pull mobs in groups, rather than the whole hog.

so this is one weird instance. where the trash mobs can wipe your party but the bosses wont.