levelling in outlands (Zangarmarsh)

skip the rest of the Hellfire quests when you get to 61-62 and just fly over to Zangar. here there are a bunch of easy quests for Exodar (Teredor), Cenarion Expedition and Sporeggar. there are also 2 instances under the Coilfang Reservoir – Slave Pens and Underbog

you should get rep with Sporeggar, so that when you are friendly and L63, you can pick up the 2 Underbog instance quests that give pretty nice stuff:

  • Oh, It’s On! (kill the 1st boss and pick up the underspore frond from a leafless tree – reward is an item that makes a food+water item good enough for outlands)
  • Stalk the Stalker (kill the end boss and loot boss brain – reward is either a trinket that returns mana or health on a kill that gives honor/xp)

In addition, while in Underbog, you can pick up sanguine hibiscus from some of the mobs or just pick them off the ground (like herbing but dont need herb skill). that is for a repeatable Sporeggar quest for rep gain:  Bring me a/another shrubbery

Do the simple quests for Cenarion and Exodar. those that require you to collect 10+ items from mobs, skip them unless you are herbalist/skinner prof. in general, i skip all Naga related quests cos it’s just a waste of time and there are easier quests to do, since i just focus on levelling and not faction rep.

once you are halfway to L63, skip the rest of the quests and start on Sporeggar rep. fly to the Spawning Glen (SW Zangar) and look for the npc, Fasshn, just East of the glen. pick up both his quests and do them (both can be completed repeatedly in the glen) until you get to Friendly. then he will give you a quest to go to Sporeggar. along the way, pick up at least 10 glowcaps (Sporeggar currency and quest item). after you get to Sporeggar and turn in some of the simple quests, you should hit L63 and be able to get the 2 underbog quests.

while waiting for the instance, you can do some more simple quests or collect FPs (Orebor Harborage)

after you have done Slave Pens and Underbog, you should be easily L64 and ready for the next 2 zones, Terrokar Forest (which encompasses Auchindon instances and Shattrah City, a sanctuary) and Nagrand.

repping with missmisty

went on a rep run with missmisty, the last toon i need to get northrend rep to exalted for head and shoulders ench on firetree for that account. still lacking in Ebon Hold and Wrymrest Accord

so i queued for LFG and did Ebon Hold quests and dailies. during LFG, i would be in my Wrym tabard so i get rep for that.

so by the end of my rep run, she is rev with Wrym and honored with Ebon. and have around 45 EoTs. will use them to fast rep up tonight, and then see what else needs to be done.

once her rep is up, i will take her around to get stuff. like buy epic boots for her from Wyrmrest exalted rep.

then i can focus on my other neglected action item: levelling 2h mace for my 4 DKs (of which moodykat is the only one properly skilled up)

job done – all intended alts are L80

since ellonis hit 80 over the weekend, i have been focussing on getting exalted rep with northrend factions so that i can buy head and shoulder enchants for the alts on the respective realm/account. since i have 2 realms and 2 accounts – i need 4 alts to have exalted rep. i have identified them as:

firetree: xense and missmisty

BWR: timeforfun and xbowstrike

for this, the best way is to run LFG to get badges to trade for rep. however, i found out, there is one rep u cant buy – alliance vanguard. you need to run L80s instances without a faction tabard or do quests that give rep to the sub factions under the vanguard.

and if i get gear along the way, nice. i am oso doing the mining and other stuff so that i can make gear for some of the new 80s.