guild achievement – H dungeon run

Guild achievement – H run

last night, ran a super long H GB (Grim Batol) cos we didnt follow strat. ok, we forgot the strat. Due to the current blizzard development on trial, which allows you to invite cross realm friends to party up, we got a 4-man group (Samin, Vertu, Magel, Musterbaitor/Jubei’thos) and LFG 1 more dps.

We got GB run, and thought it would be a piece of cake. wrong. 1st boss we wiped 3 times before we called it quits and skipped it. turns out, we didnt do it right and as a result, got smashed.

Strat requires cc of the malignant trogg. Killing this trogg near the boss, he will gain a 100% damage bonus (according to wowhead.)Holding the malignant trogg instead of killing it prevents more adds from spawning.

2nd boss fight wasnt easy either. the boss went from 60 deg cone of fire to 360 deg and everyone took too much dmg and wiped. we managed to get the boss down only after vertu was left with the boss at like 1%. it didnt help that the top dps was also the guy who died the first – cat druid.

and just when you thought things will be easier with 3rd boss, no. we wiped. cos i think people got burned by the adds. 2nd time round, we did it ok. this run was like a revision exercise for all. lol.

magel hadnt done GB in a while, since she was queueing mostly ZAZG now, so i had forgotten some of the strat. i only recently restarted H runs with Pickwick, since i was using him to farm mats for Magel’s engineering.

before last boss, druid had to leave and we got a DK. DK stayed alive and we completed the instance without any more wipes. repair cost for magel? 90 Gold.

We did it more for the guild achievement than anything else. the loot was all DE.

Xense changed profs

Yup. Formerly, Xense was mining and herbing, useless for a main. so i told my pal who plays Xense exclusively now, to consider reprofing. As what i did for Zappel when i moved Noice over to Jubei’thos.

so over the weekend, i also changed Werewolfe skinning to mining, and he mined from scratch to now being able to mine in Northrend (cobalt). i also used Pickwick, Everstone, Moodykat and Wormage to help mine the mats needed for Xense’s new profs – Engineering and Blacksmithing.

As of Sunday night, Xense is already using cobalt for levelling profs, with saronite next to come. and before you know it, it will be cata mats. I have parked Everstone in SB for the mining.

Firetree lowbies are now in Northrend

As a result of the last few activities i have been working on the 2 lowbies, both Wormage and Werewolfe are now in HF and have cold weather flying (SW to BT to get trained, then fly across Northrend to start quests in HF together). Wormage is 69 while Werewolfe is 68. Gonna rest them this week else they will be running on empty.



things get murky around L74 onwards

starting northrend

the starting path in northrend is clear: do a bit of HF and run UK, pop over to BT and do all the coldarra quests so that when you run Nexus, you can finish up all the chain quests. then its back to HF for the ka’luak quests in kamagua and scalawag point. and you’d be around L72/73. what next?

continuing northrend

if you followed on from kamagua, you’d be in moa’ki harbor (dragonblight). and now you have a whole set of options. you can pop over to star’s rest. or take a bird to wintergarde keep, or fly over to wyrmrest temple (do the quests there for wyrmrest rep). you can even fly into grizzly hills (amberpine lodge) and work on quests there.

for me, if i have a gatherer toon, i’d queue LFG and farm mats (they level your gathering skill as well as give xp). if not, i prefer to either tank or heal in a dungeon. but if i am playing a non-gatherer dps toon, then i would prefer to do rep related questing. so it would be wyrmrest temple for me.

using dalaran as base

at the same time, i would start to base all my toons in dalaran. even when there are no more portals to azeroth main cities. that’s not an issue, since i have a mage (Zappel and Rhoanin) on either account to port everyone back if they need to go back for class training.

why dalaran?

there are simple quests for cooking and fishing which give xp and awards. while i detest fishing and only have 1 toon specialise in it, i do cooking for all toons. dalaran is where the cooking quest npc is.

besides, dalaran is now closer to a lot of quest zones.

LFG instances

AN – Anzul-Nerub, in the Pit of Narjun

OK – Old Kingdom, same pit, slightly higher level instance than AN

VH – Violet Hold, in Dalaran

what next?

once they get to L75, they will all take the Violet Hold (VH) quest and key¬† in dalaran. and try and queue for it via LFG. in addition, they will most likely start to farm in Sholazar Basin (SB). as for questing, it will most likely be in Zul’drak (ZD) since there are some quests for the instance Gun’Drak (GD) there.

around L76/77, it will be time to visit Storm Peaks, and do the Sons of Hodir rep chain for shoulder enchants.

update 5th May 2010:

Persi is now L75 so i checked out the Violet Hold quest giver. the quest and key are gone. times, they are a changin’.

i was also surprised when flask of mojo and flask of big mojo are now grey/useless items (as of patch 4.1). some other stuff were also made redundant. and additional recipes for cooking can now be bought from the cooking trainer, instead of having to find the recipe vendor in god-knows-where-land.

am having fun. are you?

last night was a blast! basically, i was playing missmisty again for rep, and shortnacity to level his 2h mace skill for tanking.

i oso took moodykat tanking with her new 2h mace skilled titansteel destroyer in H FoS! haha. actually, she cant tank H FoS. it’s the party that carried the tank! ROFL!!!!!! the healer asked, can the tank wear her tanking gear, and i replied, she is! lucky i got a pro shammy healer. DKs work best with earth shield. even so, the dps will take aggro and they were the best – burn down whoever they aggro and give me more time to grab the aggro of the rest of the mob. we made it to the end cos they burned down the mobs so fast i hardly took too much damage. it was my first time tanking with ANY toon in H FoS. Everstone had done that b4, but that was my buddy playing his fave tank so even though he was undergeared he knew the tricks to pull off. warrior tanks oso have more mitigation, and his toon had tons of it (from naxx and ulduar gear)

as for missmisty, i spent her triumph badges on rep. so she got exalted with wyrm. so i flew there to buy her epic boots. so now just left Ebon Hold rep (half way to exalted) – so will have to do a combo of rep quests and LFG queues to complete it.

finally, training shortnacity to use the 2h-mace. Ellonis made the titansteel destroyer, but he had to train 2h-mace. however, last night there was a shortage of dps so he was constantly popping into instances to run. but since he has no friendly rep with any of the tabard factions, he was only getting rep for vanguard, which didnt have anything useful for him rep wise. so i bought some rep tokens with his EoTs, then bought the wrym and KT tabards. he is now running instances with the wrym tabard. there is something nice for him at exalted. then i flew him over to SB and farmed sabers. or rather, they farmed him. haha. miss-dodge until he levelled the skill to 200+. left him in SB to continue his training another time.

in LFGs, there is a world of diff between the battlegroups for firetree and BWR. moodykat has better gear than shortnacity, but do less dps in LFGs. it goes to show the maturity of the group, i.e. there are more high geared toons in the firetree battlegroup. however, since both are mostly in def tier gear and blood tanking talents, they generate less dps than a blood dps DK like dethnyte, who can keep above 2k dps even with the pros.

another day another penny

slowly progressing my alts to level cap is fun.

on firetree, dethnyte is now L79, and should be my first DK to L80. moodykat isnt far behind. i intend for both to hit L80 about the same time. probably in a couple of weeks. cos i only run like 1 LFG per day to max out the EoTs. since they both tank, it’s a fast queue. and if tanks have to queue, i switch over to healer alts. so either way, it’s fast faster fastest! yup, also putting in time for fruit (resto druid), cavelion (disc priest), darksunder (resto shammy).

on blackwater raiders, things are a bit different. im more into farming mats for making tanking gear for gorlog, my new tankadin/retadin. so i prefer using dps alts that have a long LFG queue time, so that they can fly around SB and mine tons of ore and elements. i dont run LFG for gorlog, cos his dps as retadin is really really low. no gear. so he can’t really tank either. well, he tanked 1 H run before, but that’s about it. i wait for weekends when i can run gorlog (dps) together with timeforfun (heals). then he will be able to get a LFG group fast and chance for gear drops. anyway, i prefer to run time or xbow in H so that they can get frozen orbs, which are required mats in almost all starter epic crafted stuff.

lastly, just got 2 BoA items for blacksteath – the shoulders and chest xp gear. missmisty had accumulated enough shards and EoTs to exchange for the items. then i took him to complete his trinket run in howling fjord (kaluak quests) and with an instance run, he finally got to L74. oh, and something funny happened in the instance, DTK. he got the blue 1h mace drop, and then equipped it as main wpn. then he started missing all his shots. LOL. he hasnt trained in mace since donkey years! none of his sinister strikes hit the tgt. after awhile, i realised something was wrong, and i took it off. have to go train his mace skills b4 i can use the wpn! after the run, i respecced him so that he could use the glyph of vigor (i was such a noob! i glyped him but didnt spec him for vigor, so the glyph was basically USELESS!) now he has 120 energy and gives much better performance in his key skills like SND and eviscerate. i have to get him to L80 sooner or later, as he is the scribe on firetree. i will probably retire assasinatorx (L80), since both rogues have the same spec and assainatorx is just a farming toon. haha. i guess i have to go level his lockpicking skills. i forgot to do it for some levels.