sethekk halls – 2 quests

there are 2 quests for SH which you can pick up outside the SH instance. which means you gotta fly there and talk to the npc before you queue LFG or specifically SH. likewise, after the run, to fly back to the npc to turn in quests for blue item rewards.

if you choose to random LFG, good chance you might end up doing CoT’s Old Hillsbrad (young Thrall) instance instead. and what you really really should be doing is SH cos of the 2 quest rewards!

1) Brother against brother

Kill instance 1st boss and free Lakka in a cage.

Reward is a blue neck item.

2) Terokk’s Legacy

Pick up 3 items:

  • Mask is looted off the 1st boss
  • pick up Saga from the floor in the room just before end boss
  • Quill is looted off the end boss

Reward is a blue item, either the Mask (dps leather head), Saga (castor off-hand) or Quill (2h polearm)

lowbie toon world movements – completed

kiseki the lock has dinged L58 via a LFG-DM East run and has gone to outlands.

mib the rogue has dinged L69 and completed his first LFG-WOTLK and completed his UK quests and got his first EoTs.

to get to 69, i did some HF quests while waiting for 2 LFG-SH (queue time per run, 30 min). the 1st run had a few wipes, but we finished it.  the 2nd run was incomplete. the UK run was perfect and i was the worst dps (even lower than tank – everyone’s gear was way better than mine).

1st run: tank was new to instance but willing to learn. so i told tank to grab controllers and prophets first. the wipes were mostly accidental. one was due to bad serpent pull which aggroed a mob with a prophet. then we couldnt kill the end boss cos the heals didnt know the fight and died too fast. he left and we got another heals. unfortunately, we still couldnt down the boss due to some bad timings. but we ran it one more time, and this time we downed the boss with tons of health to spare.

2nd run: the tank boasted that he could handle multiple mobs in SH. i was kinda disbelieving him. well, he pulled 2 mobs. but that was lucky cos i already targeted the first mob Time-Lost Controller and took him out before his Charming (Mind Control) totem came out. but too bad the 2nd mob’s TLC dropped the totem and i had to go chop it down quickly. so no wipe. then the tank went and did it again. but this time i wasnt ready, and it wiped the group when i got charmed. i was the top dps in the party even though my gear score wasnt that great (no BoA items) cos i had already started doing HF quests and was equipped with iLvl138 green sword and dagger. when i got out of the totem, i vanished. so i didnt die. but the party broke up after that. so i left it too. anyway i dinged L69 so i didnt have to run SH anymore.

lowbie toon world movements


good thing he is a scribe. i made the Glyph of Eternal Water so that he now has a permanent combat pet on call.

he ran one LFG DM East and dinged. now he is in the Outlands, and starting on his HH rep quests.

now to level my L57 lock and do the same thing…


having completed SH quest run and all of the nesingwary quests in Nagrand, he went over to Howling Fjord at L68. before long, he dinged 69 and ran his first WOTLK dungeon – UK. and got his quests done, plus started his collection of EoTs.


same with Mib, except he just arrived in HF and havent started on any quests and not yet 59 to qualify for LFG-WOTLK. instead, i got him working on his profession. LW up to 404, and made the WOTLK starter gear for both himself (Arctic set) and Muzzleshot (Frostscale set) from mats carried over by Xbowstrike and various mats acquired by Xbow and Gorlog over time.