200 quests to go b4 northrend loremaster

maybe zappel wont get that achievement b4 cat comes out.

still left with tons of quests in the last 2 zones of northrend – storm peaks and icecrown. ok. maybe 200 is an exaggeration, but easily 150. cos i need 51 for storm and 96 for ice.

last night i took him to run 25-man VoA and discovered that it now drops PVE gear! i won the roll for the sanctified bloodmage gloves. which can be counted as part of the bloodmage set. however, i wont be using it just yet. i need to keep 2 pieces of my L245 gear for 5% more dmg for now until i can switch to a 4 piece L264 gear (which means i need to buy 1 head or chest item – requiring 1100 JP) unfortunately, i had just spent a bit of JP for the quill trinket and night sky cloak.

so i will still be queuing a bit for H dungeons while questing and that should keep me busy until cat.

VoA – a world of weirdness

when forming a raid takes longer than the actual time to kill the 1 boss

it’s totally logical, and yet, really wasteful of effort. this raid has become a joke. it’s like onyxia but even easier. a 1-boss event, but the boss (toravon) is nothing compared to onyxia. just a tank and spank and range kill orbs thing. you dont even need to get out of the fire. what fire? even getting there is easy. portal from dal to WG fortress and back.

but it’s worth it

it’s sort of a reward for winning WG, that’s what it is. and 2 free EoFs for doing it. if the group wipes…. i dont know what to say. except maybe ROFL.

so simple, and 1 boss is all it takes

while it used to be a full raid event, now ppl just group for 1 boss, kill and disband. and then you are stuck with a 3-day raid blockout. so as the days go by, less and less groups can be formed cos the ppl all played out their 10 and 25 man versions already.

i guess this is like LFG weekly raid. however, that one can be quite challenging sometimes. if you get a simple one, then it is a one boss fight. otherwise, it can be several bosses to complete it. but each boss has their own fight characteristics and you need to get out of the fire, usually.

just form up, try and get at least 1 from each class so that the boss loot can go to someone instead of being wasted. but when it gets harder to get ppl, then u can have a 25-man raid with like 8 mages! just so that u can fill the raid and get it going. cos VoA has a 2-hr lifespan and after that you have to fight WG to get another chance at it.

taking it easy

met my goals before cat. ah…. feels great. now, i just have fun getting rep via LFG and quests.

last night, i took xbowstrike thru many dungeon runs for him to get his last rep up. alliance vanguard. now 1/3 thru revered.  by not wearing tabard during H runs, and doing vanguard faction-related quests in howling fjord. since vanguard is made up of 4 sub-factions, doing quests for any of these factions will oso give u vanguard rep.

so i combined questing with wpn skill levelling. let pet do the tanking, while i chop away with my polearm/sword/axe.

oso took xbow to do 25m VoA when it came up. BWR alliance usually wins WG, firetree alliance usually loses. haha. sad to say, xbow dps isnt great. only 3k dps. 4th from bottom in the raid.

in H runs, xbow usually performs better. 1st or 2nd. 3rd if the party is very pro. never last. went thru a tough PoS run cos diff wipes along the way. changed heals then tank, finally cleared to end.

by the end of the runs, xbow is empty on high level arrows. so tonight, i will need to bring on muzzle and farm some saronite to make arrows for xbow, since he will need to spend some more time running heroics and quests to get his rep up to exalted.

Guild raids

started with Maly (EoE) for the Weekly Raid

zappel forgot how to fly and fight (failed to target boss and couldnt activate flame shield when boss looked at me so i just flew out of  range and then lost the raid group), and it was a wipe the first time round. but the 2nd fight, the flying automatically came back to me, and we downed the boss in real quick time.

moved on to KT (Naxx)

zappel finally killed off KT (naxx end boss) via the new shortcut. you dont need to kill all 4 wings to get to port to Saph. there is a portal in naxx that will bring you to Saph directly, so you just need to kill Saph then KT. which we did.

and stopped after VoA

didnt win any gear but had a lot of run running stuff i had forgotten (used to run them as heals on my priest, Spiritcat).

Had so much fun, i forgot to do my daily H for EoF!

Next up: Ulduar!