missmisty – going for kalimdor loremaster

ok, i thought i would be working on kalimdor loremaster, but on a diff toon on a diff realm – sort of like maybe a hunter on Blackwater Raiders – Muzzleshot or Xbowstrike.

however, ever since i transferred Missmisty over to Khaz’goroth, i kinda feel responsible for her being the only L80 there, and wanna compensate a bit for stranding her in a “New Player” zone. LOL

her gear is not too bad, just under 5k GS. but she could seriously do with some upgrades. so i am going to take her on a few directions between now and cat. doing loremaster for fun. and along the way, explore kalimdor. and gearing her up for cat via random BGs and Hs.

i wanna get her the L264 wpn, she has 1k HP, so it is some way to go. but she already got a 3-0 win in WSG (not due to her, haha, the others were awesome. we had like 4 DKs so you can imagine, the horde didnt stand a chance). and to join WG every chance i get, so that if we win, she can go for VoA too!

i oso need to run a lot of H (which i can queue for while doing loremaster quests) so that i can get her the full L264 tier set.

i already re-spec her demo so that she can solo stuff with ease (not that kalimdor is going to present her any challenges) and glyphed her up. so the rest is going to be fun fun fun all the way!

im not even looking forward to cat now that i have a new mission. cos i havent really pvp in a long while. this should be fun while it lasts.

taking it easy

met my goals before cat. ah…. feels great. now, i just have fun getting rep via LFG and quests.

last night, i took xbowstrike thru many dungeon runs for him to get his last rep up. alliance vanguard. now 1/3 thru revered.  by not wearing tabard during H runs, and doing vanguard faction-related quests in howling fjord. since vanguard is made up of 4 sub-factions, doing quests for any of these factions will oso give u vanguard rep.

so i combined questing with wpn skill levelling. let pet do the tanking, while i chop away with my polearm/sword/axe.

oso took xbow to do 25m VoA when it came up. BWR alliance usually wins WG, firetree alliance usually loses. haha. sad to say, xbow dps isnt great. only 3k dps. 4th from bottom in the raid.

in H runs, xbow usually performs better. 1st or 2nd. 3rd if the party is very pro. never last. went thru a tough PoS run cos diff wipes along the way. changed heals then tank, finally cleared to end.

by the end of the runs, xbow is empty on high level arrows. so tonight, i will need to bring on muzzle and farm some saronite to make arrows for xbow, since he will need to spend some more time running heroics and quests to get his rep up to exalted.

arena welfare epics

it’s nice to have friends in the game. they make you join crappy arena teams. lose all 10 matches per week and get free arena points. with these and some honor pts from an occasional Wintergrasp battle, you can then buy nice L251 pvp gear which are even better stats than PVE stuff you have to grind with tons of H runs and can only exchange for L232 gear.

something is seriously wrong here, with Blizzard, but i am not complaining. XD

of course, arena pts are only given out once a week. if you are really mad and farm H runs non stop, you can be fully geared out in L232 gear in a day. but i am not a mad person. i have a life. and the 10 runs per week in arena is a pretty good deal. each arena fight lasts, what, 1 min at most? a H run would take at least 15 min depending on what sort of group you get. and you actually have to work at it. in arena, you just run up to the opposing team, wave at them, and die.

Wintergrasp and other PVP battlegrounds are a bit more work. of course, some ppl are still hard at work being AFK without being kicked out of the BG. for me, if i am in it, i might as well kill some horde. hence i like being in defense and get on a turret gun and blast them out of their socks. but if i am in offense, that’s cool too. i can get up close and personal.